Sugar Sanctuary


Sugar Sanctuary

Good for your body. good for the planet.



An Organic Oasis

The Sugar Sanctuary is an invitation to surrender your zen body garden to the nurturing hands of a holistic healer and an exquisite artist of the heart, mind, body and soul.

Every visit to the Sanctuary is an opportunity to treat yourself  to Yung Ai's calming personality, VIP treatment, gentle touch, and healing hands. You'll leave glowing on the inside and out. And smiling with the internal knowledge that glowing skin and anti-aging care begins by taking care of ourselves from within.

Each trip to the Sanctuary reminds us to relax.  Breathe.  Take care of ourselves.  Build community.  Empower women.  And that anything is possible if we nurture our mind, body, spirit, and the planet.

Come to the Sanctuary and leave with the deep satisfaction of having been treated to one of the best sugaring studios in Bay Area and beyond. Our motto is “you've never tasted sugar so sweet."  Take a trip to the Sugar Sanctuary and become a part of the Sweet Revolution!!!




What Is Sugaring?

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The Artistry of Sugaring

Sugaring is an all natural hair removal technique that had been used since ancient times, and is now making a comeback. Parisian ladies are hooked about this non-invasive, effective depilatory ritual.

Sugaring offers the same principle as our waxing technique: the hair is removed along with its root, ensuring a slow, natural growth. However, for those sensitive and reactive skins, sugaring lifts the hair without sticking to the epidermis, which reduces the sensation of pulling. Additionally, its formula is 100% natural:

  • sugar (nourishing, soothing, anti-bacterial)

  • lemon (anti-bacterial, skin brightening, exfoliating)

  • water (hydrating, soothing)

Residue free, water soluble ingredients, for a clean, smooth result. Our sugaring expert Yung Ai Avila has extendedly developed her own sugaring techniques and is now renowned as the sugaring queen in the Bay Area. We are so privileged to have her introduce her swift way of smoothing your skin from unwanted hair.




How Sweet Is It?



I found Yung Ai after moving here over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. She’s one of the kindest souls I’ve met, and excellent and thorough at what she does. She carries organic products which I love and is super gentle and has this amazing spray she uses at the end that feels so soothing and doesn’t clog your pores.
— Anvesha D.
Please go see Yung Ai. She’s professional, personable, and experienced. Her place is clean and not to mention cozy/comfortable. I found a gem in Sugar Sanctuary! I love her style and the experience is always pleasant! Huge fan of sugar waxing!
— Denise E.
I’ve been going to Sugar Sanctuary for a year, and am not turning back to wax! Yung Ai is awesome, and ensures the process is as painless as possible. I’ve really noticed a difference in how my hair grows back (and how little), and that makes each visit even easier. I could not recommend Sugar Sanctuary highly enough!
— Laura N.
Yung Ai is incredible. This was my first experience with sugaring and she took the time to explain the history and how she was inspired to pursue this ancient technique. She was incredibly professional, warm, gentle, detail-oriented and knowledgeable about her practice. Sugaring hurt WAY less than waxing (I got the extended bikini) and the hair reportedly takes longer to grow back. It is slightly more expensive than waxing but in my opinion, totally worth it. I highly recommend this business, will be coming back and will be referring friends as well.
— Kara T.

About Yung Ai


Yung Ai embodies Mother Nature in every aspect of her career as an aesthetician and sugaring specialist. She favors holistic skincare, and applies her healing touch and effervescent personality to gentle waxing, organic skincare, and non-invasive, eco-friendly sugaring hair removal. Her yoga practice, meditation, and energy work will zen you out while in her care. Her motto is “always do your best and let your light shine."